At Great Southern Events, we have everything you need for an outdoor tent setup style event, along with related accessories. We carry a variety of tent styles and sizes. Please explore the detailed information below to find the tent setup that is appropriate for your outdoor event. And don’t forget about lighting and climate control to make your outdoor experience the most comfortable for your guests!

Track Tents

Quick Peak Tents

Available QUICK PEAK TENT sizes are listed below.

20 x 20

» NOT Available in Clear

Pole Tents

Available POLE TENT sizes are listed below.

40 x 40 Pole Tent
40 x 60 Pole Tent
40 x 80 Pole Tent
40 x 100 Pole Tent

» Call for Larger Sizes
» NOT Available in Clear

Tent Accessories

» Click on a thumbnail below for larger image.

Glass Door

Pole Skirts

Tent Liners
Available for 10′, 20′, 30′, & 40′ Tents

Vinyl Doors

Tent Flooring

Concrete & Concrete Cover